Used Vegetable Oil Grease Recycling

What happens to your used vegetable oil / grease that we buy from you.

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The vegetable oil is collected in smaller amounts from restaurants and other oil users. After heating, and processing, the oil is clean and dry, which can be made into bio-diesel. Bio-diesel is a ecologically cleaner and better diesel fuel alternative. Any waste water is sent to an industrial waste water treatment plant. Waste sludge is solidified and land filled; These activities are regulated by the IL Department of Agriculture. Our IDA Permit Number is #90. Hauler Permit Number is B102.

Our unloading/loading, processing and tank storage areas are all on bermed, concrete slabs for complete secondary containment and spill/leak protection. In addition, we have developed a written ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT OPERATING SYSTEM that includes a Facility Spill, Fire, Injury Prevention and Contingency Plan, a written Mobile Spill, Fire, Injury Prevention and Contingency Plan, a written Facility Inspection Plan, a written Waste Characterization and Analysis Plan, and a written Closure Plan. We would be happy to furnish you with a copy of all.

We are active in our local areas general recycling efforts, assisting county governments with information on their overall rates of recycling, studies and mandates. We have also been involved in the “Model Community” recycling and waste reduction program and have been certified a “Model Business” for our waste minimization and recycling efforts and procedures. We use recycled products whenever possible and recycle all possible wastes from our operations. We have been directly involved in the efforts of the educational organization, the Environmental Hazards Management Institute, in helping them develop their waste management educational materials.

Services Offered:

  • Used vegetable oil / grease recycling pick-up service , including shortening and cooking oil recycling. (We do not accept or recycle lard).
  • Storage containers provided at no charge for used vegetable oil / grease recycling
  • Grease trap cleaning service (Under Sink Traps and larger in ground Interceptor Traps.)
  • We pay for all used vegetable oil we collect from you as long as you generate over 25 gallons of oil per month

Please call for more details.