Used Petroleum Oil Recycling

What happens to your used Petroleum Oil.

The oil is collected in smaller amounts from auto repair shops, truck lines, factories and even your neighbor's garage. At our facility it is tested for contamination before unloading. It is also tested in the field to make sure there is no contamination from any hazardous waste such as solvents. If those test results are within specification (which they usually are), the oil is heated and treated to remove all water and moisture from it for fuel. At this point, you wind up with a good heavy Industrial fuel oil that is sold to commercial and industrial concerns at a discount under “virgin” or “new” fuel oil. Industrial oils such as hydraulic, metal working, quench oils, etc.. and may be reprocessed for reuse.

Four drums labeled oil.

Waste sludge (from processing used oil) is made into a slurry (if BTU's are present) and burned as an alternative to virgin fuels. If no BTU value is present it is solidified and land-filled. After processing it, the generated waste water is sent to an industrial waste water treatment plant. We are permitted by EPA to perform these activities. Our EPA facility permit numbers are: US ILD038411955 and IL 1430650015. Our special waste permit number is 0423.

We also have a very good Cradle to Grave waste tracking computer system and Waste Analysis Plan so we can verify to you (or the EPA if they should ask) how your waste tested, how it was handled, and where it went exactly. It's not only important we do what we do with your waste to the end of the liability chain, it's also important we can prove it! We only accept non-hazardous wastes and the wastes we generate from processing your oil waste are all non-hazardous. We are also the official generator of record for our process wastes (sludge, water, etc..), protecting you further. We do not generate any hazardous waste as a byproduct of any of our operations.

Our unloading/loading, processing and tank storage areas are all on bermed, concrete slabs for complete secondary containment and spill/leak protection. In addition, we have developed a written Environmental Management Operating System that includes a Facility Spill, Fire, Injury Prevention and Contingency Plan, a written Mobile Spill, Fire, Injury Prevention and Contingency Plan, a written Facility Inspection Plan, a written Waste Characterization and Analysis Plan, and a written Closure Plan. We would be happy to furnish you with a copy of all.

We are active in our local areas general recycling efforts, assisting county governments with information on their overall rates of recycling, studies and mandates. We have been involved in the “Model Community” recycling and waste reduction program and have been certified a “Model Business” for our waste minimization and recycling efforts and procedures. We use recycled products whenever possible and recycle all possible wastes from our operations. We have been directly involved in the efforts of the educational organization, the Environmental Hazards Management Institute, in helping them develop their waste management educational materials.

Services Offered:

  1. Pick-up service for used Petroleum Oil Recycling
  2. Storage containers are provided for used petroleum oil recycling
  3. A Do-It-Yourself recycling drop off center for a home owner's recycling needs.
  4. Waste fuels recycling (gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, etc.)
  5. Oil / water separator cleaning
  6. Oily water recycling
  7. Metalworking and coolant oils recycling

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