Road Maintinance Products and Services

Road, Parking Lot, and Driveway Products

The early days the only recycling avenue for used oil was road oiling for dust control and suppression. As new technologies emerged, oil could be recycled in better ways like re-refining and fuel processing. Used oil was discontinued for use as road oil due to heavy metals picked up in the oil during use.

Today we still offer road maintinance products for dust control / road oiling. Asphalt emulsions, and recently a used vegetable oil / asphalt mixture (Asphalt Bond). These products are EPA / environmentally safe to use and work very well. We also offer pavement sealants, chipseal (tar and chip) oils, and spray patcher oils.

Before Dust Control Suppression with Durabond or Asphalt Emulsions


Durabond is a very versatile liquid asphalt emulsion. It can be applied in a range of uses:

  • Prime coats over gravel (with water added)
  • Tack coats over old pavement
  • Dust Control and Base Stabilisation (with water added)
  • Pavement sealer (Durabond makes a superb asphalt pavement refresher and sealer)
  • The Semi Pave Procedure

The Semi Pave Procedure

The Semi Pave Procedure is a two step procedure to treat asphalt millings and even gravel surfaces; this process turns the loose road into a hard, dust free, surface. The semi pave procedure utilizes the existing millings or gravel. No new gravel is needed! Please call for more details and a quote on this exciting new procedure, or any of our products and services.

Offered Services:

  1. Liquid asphalt emulsions, and oils furnished or applied (sprayed by us)
  2. Pavement sealers and oils (asphalt emulsion and Gilsonite / oil base types)
  3. Chipseal (tar and chip) and Spray Patcher oils
  4. Durabond liquid asphalt emulsion
  5. Semi Pave procedure
  6. Asphalt Bond dust control road oil for gravel surfaces
  7. Other "non-tracking" dust control / base stabilization products are also available
  8. Prime and tack coat oils furnished or applied

Please call for more details.