Do-It-Yourself (Self Service Options)

Do-It-Yourself Drop Off Recycling Center

Before you Contact Us, perhaps you could help us by helping yourself? We have 2 drop off points, tanks for recycling certain liquids, and we accept certain petroleum based oils and vegetable oils. If this applies to you please continue on.

The below list is what we accept from homeowners.

  1. Petroleum oils
  2. Waste fuels
  3. Transmission fluids
  4. Power steering fluids
  5. Brake fluids
  6. Antifreeze

    Antifreeze must be brought into the office to first determine it's ability to be recycled. There is also a charge of $1.00 per gallon. No charge for new old stock antifreeze.

  7. Vegetable Oils

    We accept vegetable oils that will pour at ambient temperatures (above freezing). We do not accept lard and other solid or semi-solid wastes. Those can be deposited in the general garbage. Vegetable oils go in the 250 gallon black poly tank.

  8. Other - Miscellaneous

    We will also take any unused, or left over, bottled automotive product. Please leave unused or left over new bottles intact. Do not pour unused or left over new products into the recycling tank. Please set the materials by the side street facility gate if no one is available in the office or work yard.

  9. We do not accept paint; we know of no one recycling paint. Let it dry and it can be deposited in the normal trash. We do accept paint thinner / mineral spirits if, and only if, it is in original containers.

Tank Locations

There are two tanks in front of our office building at 3001 S.W. Washington Street, Peoria IL, 61602.

Used Petroleum Oil (Motor Oil, Car Oil, Engine Oil) and Used Vegetable Oil Tank (Cooking Grease, Cooking Oil, Shortening)

The left one is a 1000 gallon steel tank, and is for Petroleum Wastes. Please do not drop off, or drain, barrels without appointment. The other, on the right, is a black poly (plastic) 250 Gallon tank on the side of the building for Vegetable Oil.

Please deposit items IN designated tanks, and place empty containers IN the dumpster on the side street. Thank You!!